Outdoor Rabbit Run and Exercise Pens

Outdoor Rabbit Run
Having an outdoor rabbit run in addition to a hutch is a great way to give a rabbit the exercise it needs to stay healthy. Although most of these wood frame playpens are designed for the outdoors, some can be used indoors as well. Most will come with a protective top-side cover that keeps the rabbit in and potential predators out. In addition, having a run with a top cover will allow a rabbit to play or get exercise unattended. If you decide on one of the rabbit run plans that doesn’t come with a covered top, your supervision may be necessary.

Some rabbit hutch run units are designed to be attached directly to the hutch, giving a rabbit the freedom to come and go at will. If a rabbit run will be used apart from the hutch, consider a size that’s large enough to include a small hiding box for shelter along with food and water dishes. For additional information, links to Amazon are shown.