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Choosing a Rabbit Hutch Design

It’s a given that many rabbits will spend the majority of their life inside the confined area of a small hutch.  Most of the rabbit hutches for sale (including many of the DIY rabbit hutch plan designs you can buy) end up being way too small.  However, a small hutch is not always a bad choice, if the caretaker is committed to spending daily time with their pet.  Allowing plenty of exercise time away from the rabbit’s home will be important.  Keeping the bunny house cleaned out regularly will be required as well. These are just a few examples of the considerations that go into choosing a rabbit hutch design. In the remainder of this article, you’ll learn even more about making the right choice - a choice that can make a difference in the comfort, safety and contentment of a companion rabbit.
Keeping a rabbit healthy, safe and content in an outdoor hutch starts with a basic understanding of three key facts.  First, rabbits like to chew, not just for eating but to maintain their teeth which continue to grow. This means EVERYTHING is subject to being chewed or nibbled on within their reach.  As  such, all hutches for rabbits you consider must be chew-safe.  Secondly, rabbits are prone to heat stroke.  Having sufficient shade and ventilation at all times are more important concerns than freezing cold weather (which most rabbits endure quite well).  Thirdly, rabbits are subject to death by fear.  They are prey animals in the wild. Their flight instinct can be so extreme, that without a place of escape, the presence of fear can be fatal.  Keep these three 'rabbit facts' in mind when considering any of the rabbit hutches for sale. 

In general the ideal outdoor rabbit hutch will not only provide shelter from the sun, rain, wind or snow, but it will be durable enough to last for many years. If the hutch will be accessible to curious pets or potentially wild predators, be cautious purchasing a less expensive unit that may be tipped over or get broken into. Although there are single level hutches for rabbits that sit directly on the ground (or close to it) and are less likely to be tipped over, these units won’t provide the same sense of security as an elevated hutch. Every rabbit hutch should have (or have room for) a nesting box. These boxes not only provide a place to sleep and shelter from the outdoor elements, but it provides also a place to escape and hide from real or perceived predators, such as the family dog or neighborhood cat. If you live in an area inhabited by wild threats, like clever raccoons, a durable hutch having door locks will be a must. If building your own, the ideal set of rabbit hutch blueprints will have all this plus provide enough room for a rabbit to get sufficient exercise to stay healthy. It can’t be understated that the size of the outdoor hutch plays an important role in a rabbit’s long term health and contentedness.  To continue reading this article, click choosing a rabbit hutch design.